Opening Day.

Jason Carnevale

We have decided to open the shop earlier than anticipated!

We aren't rushing or half-assing it but with the amount of parts we offer, the site would not get open until next year, by the time we are picking through which parts deserve to stay and uploading all of their corresponding information. 


Some things we don't have ready yet: 
Your free t-shirts & stickers. I am still working it out with some local graphic guys. If you order and don't receive your free shirt and sticker. Email me and I will go through all of the orders and send them out personally.

All the parts! If you don't see it and it's a quality part chances are we haven't gotten to it yet. E-mail us and check availability. If we don't have it, I'll find the best price for you.


The real question is, what do you want to see here? As I said before this is a hobby turned business for us. We understand what standing outside of a Dunkin Donuts feel's like until 2am in the cold just to chat with everyone once a week. We also understand that big name internet companies aim for numbers. How many parts they carry, how many views they get etc. Here at clevermindset we want our customers to be involved with what we sell. Changing the trends, not following them. 


We also only carry a select few makes & models of cars as well. Why? Jason is a Subaru and Nissan nerd. Dave comes from Euro cars and DSM's. You may have seen Dave's Audi A8 on your favorite car blog. Because of our passion for these cars we can help you decide which parts will work best with your setup.


More to follow, until then, be clever.


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