Jason Carnevale

We are running a free ground shipping on every product! Even Seibon Carbon Fiber hoods w/ shipping included. Thats around $150 worth of savings.    Tshirts & Stickers are being designed and will be available soon. Website seems to be running pretty solid, e-mail if you come across any issues.  More and more products daily.   -Jason

Opening Day.

Jason Carnevale

We have decided to open the shop earlier than anticipated! We aren't rushing or half-assing it but with the amount of parts we offer, the site would not get open until next year, by the time we are picking through which parts deserve to stay and uploading all of their corresponding information.    Some things we don't have ready yet: Your free t-shirts & stickers. I am still working it out with some local graphic guys. If you order and don't receive your free shirt and sticker. Email me and I will go through all of the orders and send them...

A New Era

Jason Carnevale

At Clever Mindset we are introducing a new way to shop for aftermarket parts by bringing a boutique feel to online shopping. Everything from the web design to how we treat our customers is different than what most are used to seeing. We don't believe in a crowded experience, filled with pop-ups and parts you don't want, that is why we are selective about the parts we carry. Jason & David look forward to speaking with all of our customers with personal e-mails and follow ups, the days of some automated e-mail getting sent to the customer is over. You...